Electrical measuring equipment

The Historical Microscopy Foundation has a considerable collection of very accurate Bleeker electrical equipment. This equipment was developed and produced in the Bleeker factories from the beginning of the last century until the seventies. This took place at the time when the production of analogue electrical devices went through an explosive development and there was a great need for highly accurate electrical measuring and control equipment.

The foundation presents on this site her collection, organised in three subcategories:

  • Measuring equipment, as resistance measuring bridges (Wheatstone and Thomson), microvolt meters, galvano meters and compensators (Diesselhorst).
  • Control equipment as variable resistor benches, potentiometers, slide resistors and variable power supplies.
  • Calibration elements, as normal elements en normal resistors.

We briefly discuss the usefulness of this type of equipment. Moreover, an explanation of the operation of the equipment is given. A description per collection item has been added, sometimes combined with a measurement report. There are also many original documents with product specifications available.

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