Compound achromatic microscope, stand EC






OLYMPUS / TOKYO /JAPAN // E / 244921



Optical 1


Optical 2


Donated by

Prof. dr. T.M. Starink, dermatologist (previous owner)

Inventory number

SM 53


In a plywood box.
Olympus microscope type EC with monocular tube and illumination unit type LSK. The instrument is built on a cast rectangular base plate on which the L-shaped limb is fixed. At the bottom of the limb a block with the mechanism for coarse and fine focussing, acting on the stage. There is a square stage with chamfered corners, with a mechanical stage with coaxial controls. Below the stage the condenser. In the base plate is a circular recess in which the mirror can be placed, here there is a simple illuminator with a light bulb that can be directly connected to the mains. Below the limb the quadruple objective changer. On top of the limb various heads can be mounted, monocular, binocular and trinocular heads were available. This specimen is provided with a simple monocular eyepiece tube.
This microscope was kindly given to the foundation by prof. dr. T.M. Starink, a dermatologist with great expertise in dermatopathology.

For the opened version see SM 82.