Compound achromatic microscope, ‘stand V’








Ernst Leitz / Wetzlar / 12022 // Agent C. Baker 244 High Holborn / London



Optical 1


Optical 2


Size of the box (h x w x d)

10.7 × 29.7 × 13.3 cm

Size of the microscope (h x w x d)

27 × 7.8 × 9.2 cm

Inventory number

SM 22


The microscope is stored in its original wooden box with the Leitz label. According to the label the microscope was ready for sale on 24 April 1888, the eyepieces and objective lenses mentioned on the label are still present and probably the original ones.
The brass pillar of the microscope is mounted on a simple cast iron horseshoe foot. Mounted on a pin which goes through the pillar is a concave mirror in a bracket.
The microscope has a simple stage with the clips, below the stage a disc with five apertures.
Coarse adjustment is by means of a simple draw tube and fine focussing is by means of a micrometer screw acting on a lever and parallel movement of the body tube.
There are two Huygenian eyepieces, numbers ‘1’ and ‘3’. Number ‘1’ has a focal length of 36.64 mm and a magnification of 6.82×. Number ‘3’ has a focal length of 23.55 mm and a magnification of 10.61×.
The two objectives are a ‘3’ and a ‘7’, both with the Leitz thread. They were investigated with the Bleeker microscope with a 170 mm body tube and a 5× Huygenian eyepiece.

Objective 3 7
Focal length (mm) 15.11 3.02
Magnification 50.43 268.4
Numerical aperture 0.21 0.82
Resolving power (µm) 2 < 1

Number‘3’ is slightly astigmatic. Number‘7’ is spherically undercorrected.