Christoph Beck & Sons

George Christoph Beck (1867- ?) built a precision engineering workshop in his parents’ house in Kassel in 1892. The firm made microscopes, stereo microscopes, binoculars and other optical instruments. During WW1, their main output was military binoculars. Some of their products made after 1944 carry the name “Chr. Beck und Söhne KG”, although the older name was also still used for some products.
In WW2, they were producing binoculars and telescopic sights for the army when the factory was bombed in 1944. It took them 4 years to rebuild and restart. They returned to the production of high quality binoculars and different types of microscope. In 1979, they also started producing butane-fuelled, model steam locomotives that ran on 32 mm track.
Like other producers of high quality optical instruments at that time, they were unable to compete with cheaper binoculars and other equipment imported from the Far East and the company closed in the early 1980s. It was then bought by Hertel & Reuss.

See also wikipedia.org/Christoph_Beck.