Pearce Henry Crouch (1838-1916)

Pearce Henry Crouch began as an apprentice with Smith, Beck & Beck before leaving in 1862 to form his own company with his younger brother, William. Pearce used his middle name professionally. Since his father’s name was also Henry, this has caused confusion among some historians who have sometimes attributed the founding of the firm to the father.

The original H. and W. Crouch was located on Regents Canal Dock, Commercial Road in London where they initially produced copies of the microscopes that Henry had been making for Smith, Beck & Beck. The brothers dissolved their partnership in 1866, with Henry retaining the optical business. His 1878 catalogue describes him as “manufacturer to HM Council of Education”. The company seems to have still been in business in 1905.

Henry became a member of the Royal Microscopical Society and the Quekett Microscopical Club.