Compound achromatic microscope, stand BTC






ZEISS / WINKEL / 91413



Optical 1


Optical 2


Size of the box (h x b x d)

37 × 21.2 × 24 cm

Size of the microscope (h x b x d)

31.5 × 13 × 19.5 cm

Inventory number

SM 55


In wooden box.
This microscope has the Zeiss / Winkel logo, which indicates that it was produced in West Germany after 1954. However, the model is older, in the Zeiss catalogue of 1939 it is included under the brand name Zeiss-Winkel as ‘Mikroskop B’. This instrument is model BTC, with a fixed square stage and an adjustable condenser with iris diaphragm and a swing out filter holder. By the way, this Zeiss-Winkel B-stand is nearly similar to the E-stand which can be found in the 1934 Zeiss catalogue.
The microscope has a molded horseshoe stand with two flanges between the limb, which can be inclined over an angle of 90 degrees. There is an attached mechanical stage. The fine adjustment control is located near the top of the limb, close to the coarse adjustment. It acts on the dovetailed block with rackwork for the coarse adjustment. The wide body tube has a triple objective changer. The upper part of the body is much narrower and fits normal eyepieces. The instrument is black enamelled and some parts are nickel or chromium plated.