Swinging microtome






A brass name plate bearing the inscription ‘Marius Utrecht / Instrumenten’ is attached to the instrument


Scientific instruments

Inventory number

SM 47


Although the microtome bears Marius’ name plate, it is not very probably Marius is the actual maker, possible makers are Reichert from Vienna or Leitz from Wetzlar. The microtome is made from black enamelled cast iron.
This type of microtome is still sold as ‘freezing microtome’. Here the freezing stage is missing, instead there is a hard rubber table on which a block of paraffin with the embedded tissue can be molten.
It is a swinging microtome, with a swinging movement the knife in its holder is swings over the specimen, the swinging movement activates a sprocket which rotates a micrometer screw by which the specimen is raised the required amount of microns and a next slice can be cut.
In general these microtomes can be mounted on a table, they are relatively light and as such suitable for use in the field. When the microtome is equipped with a freezing stage and its accompanying bottle of ether, it is possible to cut ones specimen on the spot.